Child obesity. Top child (Paediatric) dietitian in Bangalore.
Child obesity & Diet for growing your child

Child obesity & Diet for growing your child

Child Obesity & Diet for growing child

As the needs of every child is different, so is the NUTRITION!!!

Child obesity is on the rise these days and so the malnutrition in children, hence, either to loose or to gain weight, the body nutritional requirements are different. Also, one cannot just blindly follow any weight loss diet or any nutritional regime without knowing the behavorial challenges incurred in the body. The foods children eat are important and these years are critical for their brain development and cognitive skills. Nutrition plays a vital role in the overall growth of the children, so never take a risk of ignoring the food habits of your children. Its the nutrition which can lead to child obesity or can make him undernourished, so we need to understand the child’s need and work accordingly.

For example – A kid who is in his growing age and is obese, needs different amount of intake of calories and protein than those who are less obese or having a balanced body weight. Most of the kids spend majority of their time in playing and doing recreational activity, hence they requires different set of calories, protein and other forms of nutrition as compare to others. The nutrional requirements vary from person to person.

Children have the tendency in choosing particular type of food but should be encouraged to eat wide variety of food, as every food has its own benifits and you cannot get all the nutrients in one type of food. Some foods are rich in one type of vitamins, minerals and few foods are rich in another. Each food group has different nutrients, which your child’s body needs to cultivate and function properly. That’s why we need to eat a range of foods to be healthy and also to cure child obesity

If your child is becoming a couch potato or child obesity is experienced, then you can enroll here. We together will help him make loose some weight so that he can be healthy and grows well. You can read the testimonials submitted by our clients who have succcessfully completed the programs and cherishing the fruitful results. Even you can ask questions on my website ( if you have any bout of doubt before enrolling to any type of my programs.

If you are afraid that your child is weak, appettite is loosing and unable to gain weight, OR he is obese and overweight, then no need to be depressed, your child just needs optimum nutrition with correct measurements according to his body capacity.

So if you are looking to cure the child obesity or you want that your child should be healthy then you can rightly enroll in this Child obesity and Diet for your growing child service as we are specialized in Paediatric nutrition to cure child obesity and promote growth of your child. After enrolling in this programme you will be provided with diet charts that suits the body well and leads to healthy results

Here are the benefits to get enroll in Child obesity & Diet for your growing child programme-

  1. One time free phone consultation
  2. Your child will lose weight in a healthy way.
  3. You will get the plethora of information about the diets
  4. Can judge himself what to eat and at what time
  5. You will come to know the types of healthy foods have nutrients that are important for growth, development, learning and concentration
  6. Essential body requirements in every child
  7. Diet plans based on the body requirements and etc..

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