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Testimonial | Controlled blood sugar through your diet advice

Controlled blood sugar through your diet advice

By  On: 04 May 2016

Thanks a lot for your advises mam. My father is now have controlled blood sugar which earlier was not controlling at all. Even on insulin he was having problems. Finally after meeting you he was so motivated that he started taking his diet properly and on time due to which he not only have controlled sugar levels but his medicines are also reduced. He really feels energetic now.

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Diabetes Management Program
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Nutrition is an important part of managing diabetes. 

People with diabetes can enjoy the same foods as those who do not have diabetes. Eating a variety of healthy foods in reasonable portions can help manage blood glucose, weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol. 

How will it work for me?

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that can be managed well with the diet and some exercise. Always remember that diet plays a vital role in diabates. A diabetic person can reduce or even stops his medication if he is well balanced and controlling his diet and lifestyle.

Here, in this service our main aim is to control your Blood pressure and sugar level through diet and exercise only, so that you can save your amount on the medication which not only affects your pocket, also affects your gut.

So enroll yourself and feel the difference!!!!!!!

Palak Mittal
Dt. Palak Mittal
Nutritionist/ Dietician in Bengaluru Register Now!
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