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Effective & Trustworthy

By  On: 02 May 2017

Well this is the highly effective and most trust worthiness Dietitian for whom i can say that she is d one who can make me slim, and can develop my personality :p its near about 1.5 month when i started following Dt. Palak Mittal and after examining my body fat and BMI she suggested me quite a few easy and nutritious diet plan which helped me in losing weight. I am a person who is very fond of street food, ice cream, etc but after following the diet plan there was not full restriction on dese type of food but a little control over them and a proper diet following has helped me to lose 6kg of weight in 1.5 month. It was just like a miracle for me that people like me also can lose weight and dat too just by simple diet following process without any supplements. After losing just 6kg i feel highly active and d credit goes to one and only one Dt. Palak Mittal. I m highly thankful to Dt. Palak Mittal for helping me to reduce weight. Thank You

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Weight Loss Program
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This Weight loss program is a very simple and easy step to manage your excess weight anytime anywhere. This includes no artificial formulas or pills, just natural diet to deal upon. You need not to starve yourself to loose weight, neither have to be deprived from your favourite food stuff. Your favourite recipes are here can be modified accordingly which is healthy and can help you in your weight loss. So no need to have dieting or feeling low by not eating your favourite meals regularly.

Do not worry, you can live a stress and tension free life by following a diet with right food choice and some physical activity.

You need not to spend hours and hours in gym to achieve the desired weight loss.

What are the prerequisites?

This weight loss program purely works on the basis of balanced healthy food and nutrition. I believe in creating a healthy lifestyle rather than promoting quick weight loss/gain diets, pills or use of supplements.

Your determination and commitment is all that is needed.

How much will I lose?

Weight loss depends totally on person to person, however if you are determined, then you can loose upto 2-4kgs of you total weight and 2-3 inches in a month but the real results will simply depend upon your body system, metabolic rate, physical activity and your commitment to follow the diet plan to reach the goal.

All diet plans are personalized and customized as per individual eating habits, medical history, body analysis and lifestyle, likes and dislikes.

I do not support quick weight loss as it will only impart weakness, other nutritional deficiencies and the chances of weight bounces back are too high.

So be slow, do not starve yourself, eat the right food and I am there to help you out.

How many diet plans will I get?

After enrolling into a particular program, you will be getting plan for 15 days initially. In between we will be in contact on phone or whatsapp or skype or email, as per the cliet’s convienience. After 15 days, new plan will be given after knowing the progress from the previous plan. A client will be in regular contact throughout his/her weight loss journey.

so, to summarize, if you are enrolling in 15 days plan then single plan will be shared alongwith regular phone calls to discuss the challenges facing by client if any

If enrolled in 1 month plan, then 2 plans will be shared in a 15 days period alongwith regular phone calls when in need

If enrolled in 2 months plan, then 4 plans will be shared in a 15 days period alongwith regular phone calls when in need

If enrolled in 3 months plan, then 6 plans will be shared in a 15 days period alongwith regular phone calls when in need

Any doubts?

Please feel free to call me directly on 8218617108 for further queries regarding online consultation or any other doubts between 10am – 6pm, all days

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